High Above the End

by Timothy S.

“No! What are you doing?” one man screamed to the other man, who was holding a satchel over the pit.

“It’s too late,” said the man with the satchel.

“Don’t drop it!”

They were atop the tower and could see all the cities of the Earth below. The man with the satchel wore a bright cloak and the other man had tattoos across his forehead.

The man with the tattoos said, “Did you forget about pain?”


Black clouds canopied the sky except for the sun burning yellow on the horizon.

The man with tattoos asked, “Then why?”

“It’s too late,” said the cloaked man holding the satchel. “They’ll never return.”

“Return to what? Sleeping out in the streets? Starvation? Killing each other?” The man with the tattoos pointed towards all of the cities and continued, “No one down there could even tell you what cancer was! No one remembers any of it!”

“But that is meaningless,” said the cloaked man.


“Because they won’t remember God.”

The cloaked man released his grip. The satchel fell into the pit and the Earth caught on fire.